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Network Project Engineer — North Sydney, North Sydney Area

The Senior Network Engineer works with a team of network engineers and communications technology professionals to build, operate and support the Corporate IT, Data Centres, Cloud Platforms and Broadcast Operations networks. The Networks team is part of the Infrastructure and Corporate Technology group which also supports the on-premises compute and storage platforms as well as some cloud platforms and ERP systems. The Nine network includes sites across Australia including staff work areas, television production, transmission sites, print production sites and Radio studios. The network team operates the local area network, wide area networks, internet connections, wireless LANs, fixed telephony, cloud connectivity and the core professional media networks across all of these sites. This is a large-scale national network with multiple end-user sites, multiple data centres, multiple cloud connections and multi-layered cyber security programs. It is a complex network including a mix of firewalls, virtual routers, security zones, multicast routing, trunking and cloud interconnections. The network services the needs of TV broadcast, radio broadcast, print production, streaming content, corporate users, and corporate applications. Due to the network size and complexity, automation of network management is a key priority. Role responsibilities include: Project Planning and Execution Network Design and Optimisation Cross-Functional Collaboration Technical Expertise Documentation and Reporting On-Call and Incident management

Applications close Sunday, 14 April 2024
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